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This is a simple Visual Studio Add-in that allows you to search classes, properties and methods in your solution without the overhead of navigating through hierarchy in Solution Explorer or Object Browser.
The main idea in this add-in is to represent a plain array of available items like classes, properties and methods using their fully qualified names in one simple list. This list can be filtered by names and navigated using UP and DOWN arrows. When the item in the list is selected the corresponding file will be opened in the code window and the item will be highlighted in the code editor. So if you have a large solution with dozens of projects this add-in should be able to save you some time when you are in search of some class, property or method and the only thing you remember is name.

Please read the update too.

For now add-in only shows the list of methods, properties, members of currently opened code file.
Although it shows all files in the solution in the simple list and you can filter them by name.

Shortcuts in VS after install:

ALT+O - Shows a list of files.

File Searcher

ALT+C - Shows a list of members for currently opened code file.

Class metadata browser

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